The NFT fund you wish you could go back in time and invest in

121G is an NFT venture fund that invests $50k+ into each high-quality project. We focus on vetting founders and choosing only those with real-world experience who are building truly amazing projects.
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The opportunity

We believe that over the next 10 years, every single asset on Earth will be tokenized and minted to the blockchain.
NFTs are the technological foundation for this global shift.
As an asset class, NFTs can provide unmatched investment returns.
However, investors struggle to stay up-to-date with the fast-paced web3 industry. That's where we come in. We live and breath web3.

We solve the following three problems:
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Identify the right NFT projects

Question: There are hundreds of new NFT projects launching every month. How can you successfully identify high-potential projects and perform quality due diligence without spending eight hours a day on it?

Answer: You don't have to, because we do.
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Get in early

Question: Once a high-potential project has been identified, how do you get in early to realize large gains?

Answer: We work hard to network and connect with web3 project founders before we invest in their projects. This trusted partnership means we can get in early on high-profile projects.
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Adaptive Strategy

Question: The web3 industry changes fast. How do you know when to hold and when to sell?

Answer: We constantly adapt our investment strategy so that our investors can benefit from the changes that we see in our industry.



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Create significant inbound deal-flow through our presence on Twitter and the Daily Dose show.
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Meet with project founders, perform due diligence and then deploy capital.

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Admit One


121G is a four-year closed-end fund.
We use Angel List’s Rolling Fund structure and investors must be either Accredited Investors or Qualified Purchasers.
Minimum investment: $72.5k per quarter, four quarter commitment = $290k total.
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Timeline & Liquidity

As we approach the four-year completion date for each quarterly fund, we plan to fractionalize the fund wallet and sell the fractions to a new group of public investors as a basket of high-quality NFTs.
This means we don’t have to liquidate the NFT assets in the fund in order to return capital to our investors.